September 26, 2014

MP900341418[1]written by Marsha L Randolph       It only took me five years to figure it out! The current leaders of the United States of America are professional poll dancer! Leading the pack is the Campaigner-in-Chief the highest paid dancer of record. (Yes, I am being facetious.) Perhaps comparing a politician to a group of women who possess the discipline, strength and skill to suspend themselves in the air on a poll is an insult to the professional dancer however there are those who are able to make money not for the art of it but  to please the paying customer and that is my point. The only real similarity between the two is they both use “polls” in their career.

In the real world not all poll dancers are equal there are those who work on their routines constantly and even compete to be the poll dancer champion. Other dancers just wiggle their butt around a poll in front of a bunch of men who really do not care about the art of the dance.

In the political world there are some politicians who make decisions based on what is good for the country; they are decreasing in number. Many politicians make decisions according to the research data gathered by various organizations.

Research groups determine the attitudes of various people by “polling” what is suppose to be a representative sample. Not all political polls are equal, some pollsters are supported by private institutions with hidden agendas. Some Political Action Committees use opinion polls worded in such a way as to get the answer they are looking for.

Another  problem with todays polls is that many voters are not as informed as they should be. Pollsters take advantage of this ignorance and are able to manipulate the questions to get a desired response. Political pundits, particularly those who are on liberal thinking networks, are able to declare things like:

  • The majority of Americans believe in Global Warming / Climate Change
  • Most Americans believe in same sex marriage
  • Americans’ want marijuana legalized
  • All women want access to free birth control and abortions

This is far from accurate and there are other organizations that could take similar polls and get different answers .As political pundits fill the airways with their interpretation of the most recent surveys the dance begins. The behavior of the politician moves up and down the poll adjusting his behavior based on the what he or she believes citizens want.

Americans are stuck with a lazy, unethical, and incompetent leaders because the poll makers know how to reach out to individuals who rely on political pundits to tell them how tho think. The Constitution and individuality have been replaced by political correctness.

I never knew there was a Poll Dance championship until a friend showed me a YouTube video. I was impressed with the beauty of the dance. The poll was used as a tool just as a trapeze is used in an acrobatic routine. What most people see at strip clubs is a degradation of an art that requires great athletic skill.

When polls reflect the will of the people Liberals degrade the results referring to those individuals as sexist, racist or homophobic . We do not have what we want as a nation because there are more strip joints (Liberal P.A.C.s) where people can get immediate gratification than there are Poll Dancing Championships (Constitution minded leaders). It takes work to be a champion the individual must be disciplined and assume personal responsibility for actions taken;  it is easier to take the money of whoever is paying wherever they are. It takes integrity to be a great political leader assuming  responsibility and doing what is right for the nation.



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