July 3, 2015
English: Marijuana plant. Español: Planta de m...

English: Marijuana plant. Español: Planta de marihuana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

written by Marsha Randolph     This morning I gassed up my car at a station I had stopped frequenting because of the various characters there. A veteran approached me seeking my signature on a petition to legalize marijuana for veterans for “medicinal” purpose . His argument was the veterans needed marijuana. Do I really want someone with PTSD high on marijuana?

I am not going to tell anyone that marijuana is the gateway drug to other more addicting drugs, though it is for many there are just as many who do not become crack heads or heroin addicts. Admittedly, I smoked it as a teenager when I was around certain individuals.

Marijuana makes you slow and stupid! There are reports that it decreases the ability to procreate (sperm counts etcetera) and it effects the brain. Common sense would cause many people to consider, at least the possibility, of something that alters the brain destroying those irreplaceable brain cells, which will eventually have long term effects like making you stupid.

My argument against marijuana is the long-term effects such substances have on particular communities; particularly among African-Americans. Yes, I am going there.

Black people complain because they do not have a job and the ones they have are low paying. Black people complain because their school systems suck! Black people complain because they are not represented in the political system. Black people complain because they are not the storeowners. Whereas: Black people want to legalize marijuana!


NOTE: I am writing this as a black / white issue but it by no means is exclusively black or white in terms of ethnicity, culture or gender.

White people are going to legalize marijuana, particularly those who are godless storeowners that can make a profit. White people are going to legalize marijuana, particularly those who make money by doling out benefits in the poor African-American communities. White people will gladly place a pot-shop in the Black community so as not to soil their neighborhood and go there to purchase their weed and return home.

There is no reason to legalize marijuana aside from there not being enough jail space.. Yes, it is not just African-American’s who want to legalize marijuana it is also stupid white people. Yes, alcohol is legal. Liquor will mess up your liver and your kidney, which is not a good thing. I don’t know of any study that says liquor destroys brain cells. Just based on the number of people who smoke marijuana illegally today and the behavior of many of the people in the United States today is more than enough reason to not legalize marijuana.


Finally, I know quite a few people who smoked more than I did growing up, a few that still smoke today and I have heard the testimonies of some who admitted to smoking back in the day. Many of these people failed to achieve their potential; some lack the motivation to do anything but exist on this planet. But there is that one who made it to the White House but always looks a little confused. For me there is no good reason to legalize marijuana except to control the lifestyles of those who smoke.






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