April 13, 2014
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viking womanIs it possible that females throughout America are being screwed? As they prepare for another election the Democrats are ramping up the rhetoric in regards to discrimination against women.

Our President has stated that he wants to do something about the unequal pay of women in the United States of America. Yet, it has been revealed that women who work in the White House for this President, on average, make less money than men who work in the White House. Of course they have a lot of very “valid” reasons why this is so.

I was not surprised when the replacement for David Letterman, the Late night talk show host, was a white male. Obviously there are no funny African-American Liberal Women for CBS to hire thus we should not use this as an example of gender bias.

It is no secret, most Conservatives believe most Democrats are hypocrites with a ‘do as I say not as I do’ mindset. The basis of Liberal thinking: “minorities” are not capable of achieving on the same level as non-minorities thus they cannot “do” what we do without “our” intervention. The basis of Conservative thought: success is an event in which opportunity meets preparation. Conservatives believe people should “do”.

Liberal hypocrisy is played out daily in abortion clinics and social service offices. There women are given information which would cause them to believe food stamps, subsidized housing and even abortion are the only option.

Title IX opens the door for more women to play sports yet the Unions approached the men’s team to promote unionization. Why? Perhaps it is because of income inequality; men will pay more money to watch male spots than to watch female sports.

I understand that women are, by tradition, the ones who take care of the children; they are the ones that attend the parent-teacher meetings, and accompany a bus filled with excited children on field trips’ they take the child(ren) to the doctor and dentist and make sure little Johnny does his homework. As a mother, grandmother and self-employed wife I understand the decisions I have made in life that has given my male counter-parts a competitive edge. Traditionally, men go to work and “help” out as much as they came at home.

Do you think Whoopi Goldberg would make a great late night host?

Liberals will have you think they are pro-woman because they want every female to get a job. They believe giving women access to birth control pills and abortions will solve their work absentee “problem”. By raising the minimum wage to $10.50 and hour with most employers making sure their staff has less than 40 hours a week she will be able to bring home: around $300 a week, with an annual take home salary of around 15,000 a year (just enough to live in subsidized housing). People who really care want to do something about the high cost of continuing education, improvement of primary education and making sure legal citizens get “the” job. Did you know in areas where there is a large influx of Spanish speaking people most jobs want bi-lingual employees even if they do not advertise as such?

YES, women are being screwed and they do not even know it is happening. Whenever you treat something (or someone) in a way that is not how it (she) should be treated you are misusing the thing (or person) in other words: the object (or person) is being abused.

It takes a long time for a woman who has been abused to change enough so that she will no longer tolerate it. Often a woman is rescued from an abusive situation only to return at a later date. When a man publicly embarrasses his wife (I say humiliate) by committing adultery in the marital home when he is suppose to be at work I think we can all say this is abuse. We often do not understand how a woman can stay with such a character but she does.

It is amazing how the very entity that mistreats you can “bless” you with something you desire: subsidized housing and easy access to abortions, a diamond ring, a vacation or a political office. Caught up in the problems of the moment you may or may not see the wife who lives in nice homes with children that go to private schools surrounded by secret service agents, or the other woman who received a ring and a trip (not to mention a new life with a new man and a few other financial perks no one will know about). Or perhaps the new job you received kept you so busy that you did not realize you would be held responsible for the deaths of innocent people which would result in you “voluntarily” stepping down from the position you were given / blessed with. Abuse is a vicious cycle.

The thing about people who do not respect women is that they are always giving them tokens. Birth control pills was not enough, so women received easy access to abortions, when that did not become sufficient the morning after pill was made available. If a vacation in the Hampton’s is not enough, or the mansion in New York is not sufficient or a political position in which you can travel the world is no longer an option and the very person who humiliated you wants to keep you around then perhaps the Presidency will make you feel better.

Qualified women like Condoleeza Rice, Michelle Bachmann, Jan Bower and Sarah Palin are ridiculed and condemned by the very individuals who insinuate that Republicans are anti-woman. As with everything else, as it relates to the promotion of opportunity the first female Congressional Representative was a Republican: Jeannette Pickering Rankin (Rep. Montana 1917-1919 and 1941-1943).

Oprah Winfrey did not become one of the most influential women or accumulate such wealth because of government handouts. Her success, in an industry that was once dominated by white males, can be attributed to her hard work and perseverance. Obviously this liberal woman chose not to settle for a minimum wage job and though she did host her own television show she chose to move forward and bought her own network.

Are women being screwed? Why else would someone want to give them food stamps, subsidized housing, minimum wage income, an Obamaphone and birth control pills?

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