HERE WE GO AGAIN! Following the Pied Piper of Propaganda

January 25, 2014


Pied Piper with Children

Pied Piper with Children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear Republicans: I don’t think you are aware of a Democrat strategy that worked in 2012 that has been resurrected for the 2016 as well as the upcoming 2014 election. If you recall there were unsubstantiated allegations towards every front running candidate that challenged the Democrat nominees. Focus was placed on unproven character flaws, as well a accusations of sexism, racism and homophobia. The media (I use this term loosely)played the Pied Piper guiding all who would listen down a trail that lead to nowhere. After Barak Obama won the election, an election Republicans could have won easily, the music stopped and the stories which challenged the character as well as qualifications of the candidates disappeared.


We are two years away from the next Presidential election, HOWEVER, and the music is once again playing. They started whistling when Ted Cruz gave his famous 21 hour speech (I don’t care if you do not call it a filibuster) because there were rumors about Senator Cruz running for President. Tom, Dick and Mayor Dawn Zimmer began humming a Bridge / Hurricane Sandy song when the rumors about a governor Christie Presidential run increased. If you look towards Washington D.C. you will see the Pied Piper himself warming up with a practice song of “It is FOX news and Rush Limbaughs’ Fault”. Unfortunately, as the chorus sings “The Republican’s Don’t Listen” some of the Republicans are joining in.


Have you ever noticed that whenever a Democrat screws up they just get the Pied Piper to sing louder? Look at what is happening in Texas with Ms Wendy Davis. She has misrepresented her bio and the Liberal Media has decided the statements of Cornerback Richard Sherman are more news worthy, and America seems to agree.


You cannot win an election if you spend your time defending unimportant or slanderous words. If you are a racist,sexist or homophobic change; if you are not a racist, sexist, or homophobic people already know it. There is nothing wrong with loving God, loving life or owning a gun therefore whenever you here the Democrats singing anti- Constitutional Rights songs don’t sing along. You cannot win an election if you download their tunes onto your mp3 player.


You do not have to agree with Governor Christie nor support Senator Cruz, you may even think Marco Rubio is not qualified to be President. The Republican Party has a history of doing the right thing no matter what the opposition declares; in the end they have always won.


If Justin Beiber gets arrested again, if the police find more drugs in his house pray for him. If President Obama does another round of golf, be glad he does not have a pen in his hand. Enjoy the Superbowl, ignoring the non-controversy, cheer for the United States in the Olympics and start focusing on the issues relating to your community. Just because the Pied Piper is playing a tune does not mean you have to learn the lyrics.


In this upcoming election both local and nationally the issues are: Government debt, employment, education, health care.  Additional areas of concern include: Government funded abortions, the rights of Christian to do business within the confines of their faith, parental rights, government abuse of power, marijuana laws, gun laws, just to name a few.  RESPECTFULLY,  MARSHA


These are the opinions of  Marsha L. Randolph  to reply to her written words, for contact information or to read her biography  simply check out her “About Me”page.   Marsha has been a writing for the Conservative Fifty since August 2011









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