Flash points of Free Nations

March 1, 2014

Last week’s headlines feature the all too familiar cries for liberty of oppressed peoples in different nations. Citizens of Venezuela and the Ukraine took to the streets to protest the continued government encroachment of their liberties. And both will have to fight hard to overcome the yoke of their respective governments and their allies.
Venezuela is of particular interest to me because of I remember how the former paratrooper, Hugo Chavez, substituted his army fatigues for a business suit in his successful effort to gain the support of the business community. Next was the legitimacy given to his government when former President Carter certified a following election in which there were widespread irregularities?
The ensuing years for the Venezuelan people follows usual trajectory of communist countries;
• Silencing and jailing the opposition;
• Shuttering the free press;
• Expropriating businesses;
• Scapegoating of any non-supporting businessmen;
• In short, economic collapse and the march towards the totalitarian state.
So what has the liberty loving US government done or say; the usual mealy mouth proclamation of hopes that the Venezuelan government will not use force to quell the protesters? That is the semantic talk used my weak leaders or leaders refuse to lead. In is the words weak leaders use to cover up for their lack of foresight and real leadership. These are the leaders who were enamored with “detente” and the prestige of returning from useless summits with agreements that left entire regions enslaved.
Unfortunately, this will be the fate of the Venezuelan people if we do not support the current protestors.

Let’s stand with the people of The Ukraine also as their fate seems to be sealed: back behind the new Iron Curtain.
by Kurt Daley
twitter: kdaleypb


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