February 26, 2015
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President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

written by Marsha L Randolph           One would think that even those who do not confess Jesus to be Lord of their life at least believe in the Constitution of the United States. Yet the political leaders of today act without  moral compass, are full of party pride, unashamedly declare their racial convictions and social bias to the detriment of truth and justice. These so called leaders are an embarrassment to the citizens of this wonderful country, the United States of America and they are , perhaps out of ignorance,  dismantling the essence of what this nation is about.

I am particularly appalled at the so called Christian Congressional Representatives, though none of us are not perfect everyday a Believer should wake up wanting to do what is pleasing to God. Our so called Leaders seem to be doubling down on stupidity and are pontificating on how wonderful they think their actions are, even those that go against the Bible they profess to believe in. (My bias- Democrats are worst than the Republicans!)
Today I am exceptionally frustrated because of the premeditated plan of the Democrats to turn their backs on Israel by calling in “slick” (sly + sick = slick) when President Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to a joint session of congress. This will be happening while the President of the United States of America makes a deal with the uncircumcised Philistines a.k.a. Iran. We the people have spoken, we want everyone to listen to Israel and we do not want to deal with Iran – our leaders are telling us they really do not care what we want. (For a Believer in Scripture this is what I believe to be an abomination.)
The immigration hypocrisy is just as shameful. I don’t know what is worst the fact that we keep voting for these bozos or there are some who actually believe Democrats really care about the “unfortunate” people. It is obvious that the Dem’s are fighting hard for ILLEGAL immigrants rights because the Republicans want people coming in legally- it is a battle of control not concern. Wait a minute! There are Republicans who need the Hispanic vote and so they too are supporting the unlawful actions of people crossing the Mexican border. Do you know how I know this is hypocritical? Because, they are not doing the same thing for Haitians, or those Christians who are being persecuted in the mid-east, or the women being abused in Africa- not a peep from the Congressional Black Caucus. (hashtag SMH)
Shall I mention the long term Shovel Ready Jobs that President Barack Obama just vetoed? The Keystone Pipeline; would provide above minimum wage jobs for a lot of people, make the Unions (who I do not support) happy because of the increase in dues revenue, and help middle class Americans by providing cheaper gas. “No” said the President despite the Environmental Protection Agency saying that building the pipeline would not have any impact on the environment. (No mention of this at the Oscars, huh?)
It is nothing but pride and self-centeredness that keeps these people from admitting that they were wrong. Why would the President of the United States not meet with the Leader of Israel? Is it because a Republican invited him to this country? The media says House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) was wrong for not notifying the White House of his intention. OK, so lets’ forgive and move on, unless of course your feelings are so hurt that you are going to have a hissy fit and then do a typical temper tantrum play golf for all the world to see. “Yea, you da’ man! (hashtag: eyes rolling) Once again the will of the people is being ignored.
It is nothing but self-serving preservation that motivates both Democrats and Republicans as they make decisions that keep the quirks of the office coming. All ready guaranteed a nice retirement check and great health insurance the only thing left for these individuals who refuse to do the right thing is make sure the special interest groups are happy. Why else would a person receive millions of dollars in “speaking fees”?
The consequences of the actions of our Representatives is a confusion:
-Our Education system- screwed
-The Tax structure- too convoluted to be relevant
-International relationships- loss of respect among our allies
-The Economy- many have a false sense of safety
-Immigration policy – unfair, unjust and getting worst
-The Constitution of American- being ignored
-Our Elected Leaders- impotent
-Our Youth- troubled
-Our Faith – perverted
-Our Country – in disarray
When the enemy of your country becomes your friend you have to know that you have been brought for a price. These individuals have sold us out for 30 pieces of silver but just as Jesus knew it would be Judas who betrayed Him we knew, or should have known, that the people we elected in 2008 would do the same in 2012. No, I am not embarrassed by the behavior of these leaders I am sad.


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