July 1, 2014
English: Hobby Lobby store in Stow, Ohio

English: Hobby Lobby store in Stow, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

written by Marsha L Randolph   

  I think it is absolutely wonderful that Liberals are accusing conservatives of being anti-woman! Now that the Supreme Court, who on occasion has been un-supremely, has ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby Liberals and such are publicly declaring how outraged they are.

The escalated war on women has emboldened many to publicly position themselves on what  they believe will be the winning side. In 2008 they thought everyone was a racist and ‘they’ proved ‘they’ were not by voting for Barak H. Obama. Run Hillary run!


After five years of Americans being called racist for simply disagreeing with the President Conservatives are now being proven right. It is obvious that the Presidents’ policies have failed; all of them, including his wife’s signature school lunch program, which has put this country deeper in debt. We are less better off now than we were under either George Bush, in some areas we are worst.


Minnesotans Unite Against the War on Women Rally

Minnesotans Unite Against the War on Women Rally (Photo credit: Fibonacci Blue)

Silly Liberals think if they change the word racist to sexis they can use the same tactics to put another candidate in office. (Run Hillary run!) I dare them to use Hobby Lobby’s victory in the supreme court to position Hillary Clinton to run for President. Won’t they be surprised that not only men vote against her but women and the list will include a majority of Democrats.


There are more women who want to have their baby than want to kill them. There are more women who assume responsibility for their sexual lifestyle than who have unprotected sex. There are more women business owners and C.E.O’s than there use to be who respect the business owners right to determine what benefits they provide for their employees. There are more women who believe in God and the sanctity of life than not. There are more women who love being female than there are women who are at war with themselves. RUN HILLARY RUN!


Americans are tired of the divided by cause created differences. We are ready to have a leader who is going to not only bring us back together one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all but will restore the respect we once had with other nations.


Mia Love

Mia Love (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

The Left have nothing good to say to America, they have nothing positive to give to this great country. All Liberals can do is make accusations real or imagined. This “war on women” is the best they can come up with under the circumstances. Their behavior and their rhetoric do more harm for women than anything a Republican could ever do.


Liberals abhor women like Sarah Palin who displays the characteristics of what a successful woman looks like: internally and externally beautiful, intelligent, poised and a great leader. The female left do not like her not only because she is a Republican but because she is able to have a great career AND be is a supportive (shall I say submissive) wife and a great mother and grandmother. Oh did I mention she has a special needs child that she chose not to abort. Governor Palin represents everything the left say they are fighting but because their method of achieving success is failing they have chosen to deamonize Conservative women.


Condoleeza Rice is another woman who the Liberals despise. How can a woman be so gifted, so beautiful and so intelligent and not be a Democrat???? It boggles the mind of the group that says the Right is attacking women that this woman did a better job as Secretary of State than Hillary Rodham -Clinton (please run Hil!) The biggest problem they have with Secretary Rice is: she is Black and no African-American in their right mind would be a Conservative. Rutgers refused to hear what she had to say, they do not see their actions as a war on women but a war on that woman.


There is a long list of Conservative women accomplishments that Liberals ignore when they declare Republicans are against women’s issues. As I listened to individuals like Debbie Wasserman Schultz declare it is the Republicans’ fault that women cannot succeed all I can do is SMH!


According to the femi-nazis the Supreme Court has ruled women can no longer buy Birth Control pills which is going to make them poor forever! {click this link to read what Debbie says: } It is not just Ms. Wasserman-Shultz who is using such hyperbole but Planned Parenthood as well. The truth is Hobby Lobby does not have to provide its’ employees with insurance that will give them access to the morning after pill their employee insurance plan DOES provide Birth Control pills at low to no cost. BUT for me and other Americans Birth Control pills is a private matter and our leaders have more important things to do.


English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Repub...

English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps for Liberals sexuality is a priority thus if you are against women having sex with whoever they want whenever they want AND you are not willing to pay for the termination of their “accidental” pregnancies then you are against women. I do not believe it is not just Republicans who believe that is pure bull#+**!


The femi-nazis declared a war on women when it is just a pillow fight (pun intended). Americans: Moderates, Conservatives, Republicans and a anyone else who was accused of being a racist, will not give the liberals another chance at falsely accusing them of being a racist, a sexist or even a homo-phobe. They, voters, are already paying higher co-pays and deductibles when they visit the doctor, they do not care if a woman who cannot control her body and is dumb enough to sleep with a man who cannot buy a condom cannot afford to pay the out of pocket expense for a pill she should not be taking to begin with. AMERICANS do care about: this nations debt, the IRS scandal, NSA keeping tabs on us, Fast and Furious, the unprecedented number of children coming into this country, illegal immigration, unsecured borders, illegal executive orders, the lack of respect we have around the world, the trouble in the Mideast, our relationship with Israel and BENGHAZI I say run Hillary run!


Thinking about the upcoming elections I can see the American response to the Lefts accusation: If you supported Hobby Lobby you are a sexist will be “Yes I Am a Sexist”. You don’t believe me? What happened after years of Americans’ being called racist: everybody became a racist. Run Hillary Run! - 2001-09-11 - 07-speechprep-0911 – 2001-09-11 – 07-speechprep-0911 (Photo credit: smiteme)


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