April 25, 2014
These are the opinions of  Marsha L. Randolph  to reply to her written words, for contact information or to read her biography  check out her “About Me” page.   Marsha has been a writing for the Conservative Fifty since August 2011

constitutionI have reached a point in my political life in which I am tired of the rhetoric, from the Republicans. If you are a Democrat you are smiling right now and if you are a Conservative you are saying me too! I am a registered Republican a professed Christian Conservative yet I have become irritated with all things political.

I think what I am going to start telling people is that I am part of the Christian Common Sense Party. My platform will be: my relationship with God through Jesus His Son; my, family and helping my neighbor.

  • The C.C.S. Party believes Presidential candidates should take a lie detector test at least 4 times prior to election day with the opposing party asking at least 85% of the questions. The C.C.S. Party supports term limits of: 3 for House of Representatives and 2 for Senators.
  • The C.C.S. Party while ensuring the United States of America has a strong military  will eliminate The Federal Reserve Board and restore the gold standard.
  • Because it is more political than productive: The Department of Education, The Internal Revenue Service, and the Environmental Protection agency cannot be supported within the Christian Common Sense Party.
  • The C.C.S. Party is for a flat tax of no more than $20 per person beginning at the age of 18 no matter what his or her income.
  • Needless to say the C.C.S. Party will eliminate the Department of Health and Human Services since it neither improves the health of Americans nor provides the correct type of services to animals or humans. This would eliminate the un-Affordable Care programs established by the Democrats.
  • The Christian Common Sense Party (of which I am the only member) believes that any individual who chooses to hold a office that serves the citizens of the United States of America must agree, under penalty prison, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. In particular, should the Attorney General decide to establish his or her own guidelines he or she could risk life in prison.
  • The C.C.S. has and will always acknowledge individuals of different faiths and ideology.
  • Most importantly the Christian Common Sense Party does not expect other people to agree with 100 % of its’ platform.

Now, you may be thinking some of these are Conservative ideas with a few Libertarian concepts thrown in. Nope! These are my ideas and they are really concepts that I am still pondering.

debateMy dilemma? As much as I do not agree with the Democrats I find the Republicans behaving disagreeably.  Just because we are not calling Liberals racist we are still calling them names. The discussions out of Washington D.C. have gone past political concepts into personality characteristics. I found myself following the crowd and I did not like what was happening.

I do not agree with my Liberal friends but I am not willing to disassociate myself from them. I  do not want to pick a fight with my Conservative friends who have voiced disdain for various Liberals. I really do want us all to get along, am I a Moderate?

By some I am a sold out African-American who has been brainwashed by the Republican Party. By others, I may be considered, a Republican in name only. In the past I have told people I was a Christian Conservative however I think I am just going to tell people who ask I am a part of the C.C.S. Party and a capitalist!




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